Personal Chef Service

Is a personal chef service affordable? 
By putting the menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up into the hands of your personal chef, you’ll save several hours a week that can be used for spending time with family, running important errands, and having fun! And by dining in, you’ll not only save money but you’ll also be able to eat good home cooked vegan meals. In essence, you’re buying time to do what’s most important to you and control over your meal preparation, making a personal chef service very worthwhile and affordable.  Look at it this way,if you were to go to a restaurant instead, how much would you be spending?  Don’t forget to factor in gas, tax and tip.



Do I need to be home on the cook date?
  No.  In fact, in order for me to concentrate on creating the best meals possible, it is best that I have the kitchen to myself.  Most clients feel comfortable giving me keys to their homes and I come and go while they are at work or while they run their errands and get on with their day. 

How long will you be in my home? 
Depending upon the complexity of the menu, please plan on 4-8 hours.

Who selects the menu? 
Following a personal interview, I will have a general knowledge of your food preferences.  The menu can be planned together, or, if you prefer, I can design one for you for each cook date and submit it to you for your review. 

Will you cook with meat, dairy or eggs?
My personal chef service differs from others in that I provide only plant based meal options. I promise you won't miss the meat.

Should I prepare a space in my refrigerator in advance or will she make space for me?  
I do require that you leave appropriate space in your refrigerator for all your meals.   You can choose which ones to leave in the refrigerator and which ones to put in the freezer.

Is there anything the client needs to do on the cook date? 
All I needs is a clean kitchen and refrigerator when I arrive. Other than that, I will do all of the shopping, preparing, cooking, packaging, labeling and clean up.  All you have to do is heat and enjoy your meals!

What kind of packaging will be used? Is it microwave and oven safe? 
 You have a choice of disposable or re-useable containers. The container fee is based upon the method chosen. Containers remain with the client for re-use and are replaced as needed for an additional fee.

How does payment work? 
At the time the first cook date is arranged, a deposit is required for the groceries and containers.  Cash and check are accepted.  Any deposit money left over after the first shopping trip will be applied to the chef service fee. Grocery bills exceeding the deposit will be added to the final bill.  

Do I need to have equipment and utensils on hand for your use? 
 I will bring everything I need to prepare your meals, including some small appliances. All that is required of your kitchen is that it be a clean, clutter-free work area.

How do we begin? 
Simply contact me to set up a personal interview in your home.



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