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My journey to creating all natural skin care really started about 10 years ago, but it started from the inside, with food! After years of suffering with the symptoms of Crohns disease, I started following a plant based diet, and soon found that whole plant based foods did not trigger any of the painful symptoms. Over the years I started researching this way of living and found that I had a gift for vegan cooking! Three years ago, I turned that gift into my business by creating The Passionate Vegan Personal Chef Service.

At this point you are probably wondering what this has to do with skin care? Well it was a little over a year ago that I started eliminating all the chemicals in my life and started making homemade detergent and cleaning supplies. I realized that all of the toxins in your home have an impact on your body! One day I looked at the ingredients in my face lotion that I had been using since I was a teenager, and I thought, If I wouldn't eat it why would I put it on my body! The skin is the largest organ of your body and I was feeding it harmful chemicals daily, yet I was eating only whole organic plant based foods! I got was eating only whole organic plant based foods! I got rid of all the chemical filled products, and started using coconut oil for everything!

As a vegan chef, one of the things I enjoy is creating amazing vegan desserts,so that was the inspiration for the bakery inspired line of all natural vegan skin care!

After a year of experimenting with different recipes, and getting friends and family to try all the products,Peace Love and Cakes was born. We use high quality organic plant based, butters, oils and waxes. All of the essential oils we use are also organic. We strive to create the most nourishing cruelty free, chemical free products that smell amazing!


Our dream is to have an organic farm in the next few years with a little shop to sell all of these wonderful items, but until then I hope you enjoy shopping in my Etsy Store!

Check back often as I am always in the kitchen cooking up ideas!

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